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Brivity Connect Ad Program

Brivity Connect (Beta)


Generating and converting good leads doesn't have to be hard, and Brivity Connect just gave you the easy button!

Brivity Connect dynamically generates Facebook carousel ads from select MLS listings. Once a person fills out the lead form, we then follow them everywhere they go online with similar property ads. Brivity Connects consists of three campaigns:

  1. Facebook Lead Generation
  2. Facebook Similar Property Retargeting
  3. Brivity Display Network Remarketing

Brivity Connect makes it easy to connect with leads
by making sure they
never forget who you are.

Getting Started Is Easy!

  • Schedule a quick call with one of our Digital Marketing Consultants
  • Strategize your property niche, geo-target, ad copy, and a few other minor logistics to build your campaign
  • And our team will handle the rest

Nobody does a better job marketing your listings online. Hurry, schedule your call today!  



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