Become a CRM rockstar.

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Client relationships are key – the foundation of your business. Using your CRM to provide clear and consistent communication impresses your clients and provides you with referrals. Added bonus: You acheive rockstar status around the office.

Become a CRM rockstar.

3 Big Ways to Connect with Clients (and how to use Brivity to do it)

Offer stellar service. Give them value and they will thank you for it. 

Stay connected. Continuous, relevant communication keeps you top-of-mind.


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Wow them with daily updates and transparent communication of all that you are doing for them. Brivity does this automatically for you, simply as a result of you checking off your to-do list!

A peak at what you share with your client through Brivity. Check out that list, you're looking good!

Share and collaborate on documents right through Brivity. Upload photos, documents, files for storage or deliver to clients for signatures. Brivity brings you a one-stop workshop. 

Use the new drip email feature to schedule your touches with the client, set it on repeat and then forget about it! The process is automated, leaving you more time for new business. And don't worry – you can personalize emails to each client, so you never lose the human connection.

Create custom email templates to quickly draw upon for the new new client, closing, or referral. Brivity makes it easy to balance between time-saving automation and keeping a personal touch. 

Stay balanced. Best way to maintain stellar service? Keep yourself on-track and consistent.

Keep yourself on track with Brivity's help. Organize your time with custom task lists, action plans, notes, and calendar reminders for every transaction. Never miss a beat. 

Leverage your team. Brivity makes it easy to delegate and manage a team. Collaboate and communicate with your team and contractors in one place. Assign tasks to others, all the while knowing your client is receiving excellent service and follow-up. 

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