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to do the work for you. This allows you to spend your time and money doing what you're the expert in - Real Estate. We have been running online advertising campaigns for Mega Agents for years, consistently delivering high-quality leads.


As a Real Estate agent, you’re busy helping Buyers buy and Sellers sell. You don’t need to worry about where your next lead is coming from. Brivity Leads does that for you.

For Your Eyes Only...

isn't just a James Bond movie, it's also how we treat your leads. Unlike other lead generation services, we don't feel you should compete for the leads that are generated on your dollar. Leads go straight to your inbox, waiting for you and your team to follow up when time allows.

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before your biggest competitors do! We limit the number of agents per area to prevent oversaturation of the market; keeping the cost per lead minimal and enabling us to generate top results.

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No More Guessing...

which major advertising platform to use or which campaigns are most effective--and most importantly when they are effective.  We set up campaigns that are unique to you and your situation and constantly moniter them for effectiveness which ensures the greatest possible ROI.

Become a Conversion Ninja...

with access to our conversion support center. We have scripts for calling, emailing, and texting your leads. You will be invited to monthly private webinars where we discuss lead generation and conversion best practices. 

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Join top agents who receive quality leads straight to their inbox, without lifting a finger.

We limit the number of agents per area, claim yours today!

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